iGLOW achieves its objectives through four core programs; Ambassadors’, Dreamweaver’s, Lions and Legends.

The Ambassadors.

‘The Ambassadors’ program offers opportunity for recent female university graduates with a commitment to girl’s empowerment and community service the opportunity to be mentors for girls in rural schools.

We recruit exceptional female college graduates from all backgrounds and career interests who travel to rural schools and help form local girls empowerment chapters within the schools. These chapters then become the avenue for preparing young girls for future positions of personal, professional and political leadership. In this way, as they lead, ‘The Ambassadors’ teach other young girls in rural areas how to lead.

The Dreamweavers.
‘The Dreamweavers’ program enriches the academic and leadership potential of current female university students. Dreamweaver’s focuses on providing undergraduate female students with programs, tools and experiences to enhance their leadership and scholarship so that they can improve their lives and the lives of others. The tools of enlightenment for the program include group initiated community action projects, career development workshops and research geared towards informing and stimulating the debate on social issues of critical importance to women and their society. 

As they weave their dream and aspirations into reality, Dreamweavers also engage in mentoring and social advocacy projects that empower young girls in primary and high school.

The Lions

‘The Lions’ program prepares current high school rural girls to obtain success in their professional and personal lives. Lions’ being bold and self-driven, direct their own programs; plan and implement community action projects, choose their own mentors, officials and activities. In addition to secondary school completion, the program lays emphasis on training adolescent girls to advocate for themselves and their communities.

The Legends

The legends program is for rural girls in primary school and Kindergarten. It focuses on ensuring that girls have a strong start that would enable then to become legendary women in their lifetime. Apart from academic programs, the program focuses on building library capacity of primary rural schools.



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