Our Mission (our new website is : iglowinitiative.org)

Girls Leading Our World Initiative 
prepares young women and girls for positions of personal, local and global leadership. iGlow advances its mission through grassroots career development workshops, community service and partnerships with dynamic women leaders around the world. The organization focuses on broadening horizon of possibilities for young women in underprivileged regions and advancing the trajectory of the next generation of Kenyan leaders.

Mbaga Girls
We believe that the best hope for alleviating poverty is through the building of a massive force of “Smart, Driven and Unstoppable” generation of female leaders at all school levels. A generation of such women and girls is what provides for a strong, democratic and progressive society. It is this belief that underlines the organization’s “Her Presidential Campaign” initiative; a political and media literacy program dedicated to advancing the political participation of women.  Through the program, girls are trained to view themselves as potential agents of transformation and encouraged to run for elective office at all school levels.